Project Title : “Why the stinky tofu smells so bad?”
Cat : Staff Project
Sub-Cat : Others
Year : 2015-2016

Project-in-charge: Dr. Anissa Fung 

This proposed project entitled “Why stinky tofu smells so bad?” 臭豆腐點解咁臭?is using an interesting topic to trigger students’ curiosity in investigating into connected issues of “why”, “what” and “how” about a familiar daily life object that everybody know “what” but do not know “why”. The project will lead students to look into the historical, social, cultural and scientific factors relevant to the captioned topic. The analysed data will inspire student-participants to create: i) innovative art works based on their imaginations derived from the topic and the findings; and ii) an “interdisciplinary learning art curriculum teaching resource” for reference of art teachers and relevant professionals.


Date of Exhibition:2016/3/10-29  Monday to Sunday  0900-1900

Exhibition Venue :  CCA Art Gallery, B2-P-01, HKIEd Tai Po Campus