About VAECD Project

The 21st century education is putting increasing emphasis on fostering knowledge transfer ability in learners. This is conceptualized in the mission of the Hong Kong University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) in which applied research and Knowledge Transfer (KT) activities are valued as important services to the community and development in the education profession.

In face of Hong Kong’s quick development into its knowledge-based economy, there is an increasing need of school and university education to be actively and closely in response to society development and community betterment. With the mission of preparing competent and resourceful art teachers to serve education and community development, we perceive the necessity of providing opportunities for our students-teachers to interact with the real world through their participation in the social and community development activities. In addition to the subject academic and pedagogic learning within the curriculum, we believe that there are also other non-formal subject educational elements in the society which will inspire our student-teachers to grow.

We share the belief that a successful “two-way flow” of KT will signify an enhancement of the value of academic university education. Thus it is envisaged that students’ perspective in life and reflection on their career will be broadened and enhanced through their services and engagement in the non-school contexts; and concurrently, the collaborative parties such as social communities, organizations and enterprises will benefit from the effort, inspiration and innovative ideas input by the young people.

It is based on these premises that the Visual Arts Education and Community Development Project (VAECD) was initiated. The VAECD proposal has successfully gained an amount of 5 million dollars donation from a private donor in 2009. The Project funds visual arts teaching staff and students to engage in the enhancement of real life community with art knowledge transfer activities. Besides encouraging teaching staff to conduct applied research on creative arts and art education, to initiate and conduct educational services to the needs, the VAECD also aims to enable students to build up a broader knowledge base and connection within the society, to enhance their generic skills and empower them to become engaging, resourceful teachers.



The VAECD project aims to contribute to the society through arts. This is done by facilitating Visual Arts staff and students to diversify and transfer their subject knowledge and skills to develop arts education and community programs as well as professional research. Through these activities, the value of university education is thus enhanced.



  • Renovate the image of Hong Kong’s traditional industries, declining arts and crafts products and further develop them into small scale creative industry with distinctive local features.

  • To serve the community with arts: provide arts and crafts workshops for the under-privileged and help them develop and operate district based handicraft products and arts education activities.

  • To collaborate with the small scale manufacturers and Greater China so as to strengthen the contacts between HKIEd prospective teachers and the industries, and to put theories of arts and design education into more specific, socialized and practical contexts.

  • To support and promote local cultures, innovative expression and development of arts.

  • To provide funding for Visual Arts staff to conduct different kinds of academic research and community development.